Global Values

Shared values unite the Ecosystem companies and form a crucial part of PIN-UP Global culture. Our values reflect our way of living and interacting with employees, partners, investors, and customers.


At PIN-UP Global, our focus is on Win-Win communication and, as we work together toward a shared goal, we are happy to help each other. We grow and evolve with our colleagues, respect the values and share the aspirations of our business partners. PIN-UP companies are committed to open and honest communication with their stakeholders, and encourage team involvement in the decision-making process.


Subject matter expertise helps us pick the best idea among a million others. We analyze and think strategically to predict new trends and influence development through technology. Our industry is ever-changing, so the ability to adapt quickly and be flexible is vital to PIN-UP. We create state-of-the-art products to meet both market demands and the needs of the Ecosystem companies. PIN-UP Global sets trends, not follows them.


As we pour our energy into the things we genuinely believe in, we bravely take on new challenges and monitor technological trends to offer the best solutions. The priority of the Ecosystem is to constantly improve our product and provide more opportunities for teams, customers, and business development as a whole. Our courage to take on new challenges, our capacity for experimentation and innovation is what keeps us at the forefront of the industry without compromising on quality.


It’s important to find a balance between the needs of employees and the needs of the Ecosystem. This leads the companies to follow the principles of work-life balance. At PIN-UP Global, our concern is not just a comfortable work environment, but we also pay a lot of attention to the organization of the team’s leisure time, even when working remotely. The Ecosystem companies have regular team-building events, corporate events, and sports competitions.


People are our main asset. The synergy of the skills of everyone in the companies is what gives us the top-notch product. Teamwork is a must when it comes to a rapidly evolving ecosystem. That’s why we care deeply about ensuring the conditions for comfortable work, creativity, and development within PIN-UP.

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