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Vasyl Yanytskyi on personalization, technologies and trends in working with clients in the iGaming industry

Our colleague Vasyl Yanytskyi gave an excellent interview to Casino Beats media. Read it to find out more about the unique aspects of client interaction and the integration of advanced technologies in the PIN-UP contact center.
Here are some key takeaways from Vasyl’s thoughts:

  • High-quality customer support includes comprehensive solutions, understanding needs, prompt resolution, and personalized recommendations. Continuous analysis of feedback helps to adapt services.
  • Competitiveness is about setting trends, not chasing competitors. The great contact center focuses on effective support and genuine assistance, allowing customers to freely express their emotions.
  • AI transforms service efficiency by automating standard inquiries, reducing response times, and allowing focus on complex issues. AI assists, but doesn’t replace, human operators.
  • Risk mitigation requires rigorous testing in controlled environments, starting with limited rollouts. Feedback from operators and customers is critical for improvement.
  • Employee support includes stress management resources, conflict resolution, and psychological support. A caring work environment reduces stress and increases job satisfaction.
  • Career opportunities include training and development for skill enhancement and growth. Regular productivity reviews identify and support employee potential.
  • Future trends include AI for human-like interactions, instant responses, and personalized offers. Improving the efficiency of communications tailored to individual needs is also key.

You can read Vasily’s full interview on Casino Beats.

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