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Volodymyr Todurov spoke about the most effective ways to fight fraud in gaming

Volodymyr Todurov, Chief Analytics Officer at PIN-UP Global, told Focus Gaming News about its data-driven approach to fraud prevention, combining traditional tools with AI and machine learning to combat everything from fake wins to bonus abuse.

He spoke about data analysis as one of the two pillars to be efficient in terms of fraud-fighting and how PIN-UP.TECH uses data analysis to develop anti-fraud tools.

Here are just a couple of interesting Volodymyr’s thoughts:

  • Technologies are coming to help optimize your monitoring process. In PIN-UP, we combine both traditional tools, e.g., rule engines/scoring models, with AI/ML-models.
  • I believe that ML/AI is a compelling technology in terms of fraud-fighting. However, it’s not more than just another tool. There are always tons of human work behind every single model.
  • Our current strategy is to predict each fraud scenario using regular tools and ML-models.
  • ML/AI will definitely replace the big scope of current tools in the industry, will lead to more business insights, and increase the team’s efficiency. At the same time, anti-fraud teams will adjust their workflows to train models with fraud patterns instead of working the alerts generated by linear scoring engines and rule engines.

You can read Volodymyr’s column on the Focus Gaming News website.

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