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PIN-UP.TECH creates its own ML/AI models to combat fraud in sports betting

Volodymyr Todurov, Chief Analytics Officer at PIN-UP Global, told about how artificial intelligence helps optimise anti-fraud processes and what benefits businesses receive.

He spoke about classic approaches for identifying fraudulent game styles in sports betting, the advantages of using AI in this process, and how the new ML/AI model created by PIN-UP can boost this process.

Also, Volodymyr shared about the crucial stages of developing ML/AI models and his plans for the following models.

Here are just a couple of interesting Volodymyr’s thoughts:

  • When we deal with huge volumes of data, the advantage of ML/AI models is obvious. This is a more advanced ability to generalize information and identify customer behavior patterns that are not available with methods such as manual transaction analysis or the use of linear rules.
  • In some ways, AI even deepens our expertise and broadens our horizons since the models take a slightly different approach to decision-making. Many tasks can already be given to AI autonomously.
  • The approach of using ML/AI models, thanks to its ability to learn and adapt, will be able to study in detail the history of each client, using various scenarios to identify a particular group, including fraud.

You can read the full interview on the website.

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