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Dmytro Poltorak: “I work not only with the most modern technologies, but also with interesting, professional people”

Forbes Ukraine business issue published an interview with Dmytro Poltorak, VP of Engineering PIN-UP.TECH.

In his interview, Dmytro Poltorak spoke about the PIN-UP.TECH segment, which is part of the PIN-UP Global ecosystem, and provides the PIN-UP Global ecosystem with all the necessary IT tools and products for efficient and effective activities.

Here are some of Dmytro’s most important and interesting thoughts:

  • PIN-UP.TECH is a team of developers, analysts, managers, engineers, architects and other technical specialists who produce and service ecosystem products. We specialize in research, implementation, introduction and support of IT solutions. We are also working on B2B products that allow us to enter the market of providing services to other consumer companies with our own developments.
  • For me, an important factor for professional inspiration is the opportunity to constantly learn new things – technical approaches and innovations, management tools and mechanisms, social elements and frameworks.
  • The use of modern technical and technological stack, approaches, tools and frameworks, design and product mechanisms allows us to be competitive and remain a niche leader. We create original ideas and solutions because we have the most important resource for any company – professional experts.
  • PIN-UP.TECH is an ambitious and progressive team, so we use the most modern technologies and tools: Service Mesh, Domain-driven design, TOGAF.
  • What helps me effectively manage a large international team is adherence to my main principle – to be not just a leader, but also part of the team.

The full version of the interview is available in Forbes Ukraine.

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