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PIN-UP Foundation has delivered 97 tons of essential goods to frontline cities in over six months

During the seven months of operation, the LINE-UP humanitarian project, organized by the PIN-UP Foundation, provided more than five thousand Ukrainians from the frontline regions with essential goods. The project is designed to quickly help people in need.

In April 2023, the PIN-UP Foundation launched the LINE-UP humanitarian project aimed at providing quick assistance to Ukrainians in front-line cities. A team of volunteers has been delivering humanitarian kits to Ukrainians for more than six months.

During this time, LINE-UP volunteers made 108 trips to the de-occupied territories and areas close to the conflict line in the communities of Kharkiv, Donetsk, and Luhansk regions. In total, 97 tons of various essential goods were delivered to 71 settlements – grocery, household, medical kits, as well as baby kits and diapers. If necessary, the project also met the technical needs of communities (generators, starlinks, batteries). In total, over five thousand Ukrainians received help from the LINE-UP project. In addition, a team of volunteers took part in a rescue mission after the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant explosion. The team provided locals with basic necessities and, during the week, assisted Kherson residents affected by the HPP explosion.

Since its launch, the LINE-UP project has significantly contributed to the lives of thousands of Ukrainians on the front lines. Our dedicated volunteers have completed over 100 humanitarian missions, delivering necessary goods and support to those in need. The project continues its work because our common goal is to help as much as possible to a greater number of Ukrainians and promptly satisfy their most urgent needs,” commented the president of the PIN-UP Foundation Marina Ilina.

We will remind you that the LINE-UP project was created due to many requests from local communities of the frontline territories of Ukraine for help in providing residents with vital products. Experienced volunteers of the Foundation buy the necessary goods, build the safest route, and deliver humanitarian aid to the frontline communities.

Volunteers of the Foundation regularly record their activities within the project framework. You can follow the implementation of LINE-UP on the PIN-UP Foundation Instagram page.

PIN-UP Foundation is a charitable foundation that unites volunteers, professionals, non-governmental organizations, and the world community who share common values and strive for the development of Ukraine. The fund’s programs aim to support socially vulnerable categories of the population, development of education, sports, health care and assistance in the reconstruction of the country.

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