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One-stop shop for operators: PIN-UP Global’s 360-solution

In 2022, a study by BIA Advisory services forecast that operators in North America would spend an estimated $1.8bn on marketing alone. Meanwhile security is a huge focus with cyberattacks in the industry increasing by a reported 1,000% annually, costing operators millions for each breach. Add to this operators’ focus on customer service to ensure player retention in the face of the rising costs of acquiring new ones, and it’s easy to see why PIN-UP Global’s 360-solution is an attractive proposition for operators.

Marina Ilina, owner PIN-UP brand and chief executive officer at PIN-UP Global talked with iGaming Business and explains how its approach to solving this challenge is breathing new life into the igaming industry with an all-encompassing solution:

“The ecosystem companies are segmented and its main task is to provide full-cycle services in-house. This is our main advantage – partners do not have to worry about how to enter the market, launch a product and promote it. In the seven years of our existence, we have built a system that works continuously and greatly facilitates the process of launching new entertainment products.”

Being able to offer this service has allowed PIN-UP Global to attract new clients through its growing reputation.

“In terms of attracting new partners, we are industry leaders and partners come to us because of the quality and service we offer.”

Read the full version of this article to learn more about PIN-UP Global and experience in 360-solution.

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