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PIN-UP Global on the pages of Forbes: “We grow in a year like others do in 10”

Ukrainian Forbes published an article about PIN-UP Global and its team. Oksana Izmailova, CHRD of PIN-UP Global, told how to develop an employer brand that has seven locations in six countries. And ecosystem experts shared their thoughts on working in it.

Oksana Izmailova spoke in detail about the role of a PIN-UP Global specialist: “Our specialist is a proactive professional who knows how to work in a highly loaded system. He is fast, team-oriented, result-oriented, flexible, and straightforward. Constant professional growth and the opportunity to implement his practical experience are important to him. He understands who his end customer is and how what he does affects the business. It is significant for us that each employee knows how the business works and each of its components, how the work of one team influences the others. Understand the profile of our client, build a client-oriented approach internally and externally.

Volodymyr Todurov, Dmytro Poltorak, Kateryna Yeremina, Kamilia Baishemyrova, Daniela Vento, and Vasyl Yanytskyi told why the PIN-UP ecosystem is unique, what specialists work in it, how fast it is growing, what it strives for, and what its values are.

Vasyl Yanytskyi, CEO of PIN-UP.CRM: “PIN-UP Global is a driving structure where it is impossible not to become better, no matter what level you are at. Why are we unique? We always have our finger on the pulse, are constantly developing and moving forward. We are open and do not like unnecessary bureaucracy. For example, a chat operator can write directly to me without any problems.

 Volodymyr Todurov, Chief Analytics Officer: “The uniqueness of our team is that we are very flexible in our internal processes. Of course, as in any large system, we prescribe procedures and follow them. But when we need to take a step aside, we quickly change our approach, reorganize our work, and revise our strategy. We are focused on achieving results.

Read this article in English and Ukrainian to learn more about PIN-UP Global and its team.

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