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Marina Ilina, CEO of PIN-UP Global: «Our ecosystem is shaped not by processes, but by result-oriented people»

The British information portal SBC Media and Forbes Ukraine published an interview with Marina Ilina, CEO of PIN-UP Global.

In the interview, Marina spoke about the international ecosystem of PIN-UP Global, presented various areas of its activities, emphasized business stability, goal achievement, and also talked about the values and team of professionals.

Here are the most interesting points from  Marina Ilina’s interview:

  • PIN-UP Global has a unique structure that has allowed the business to move away from traditional vertical management. Ecosystem segments can meet the needs of some participants with the help of the expertise and products of others.
  • All ecosystem actors are as efficient as possible in achieving business goals. I am supported by a team of strong, motivated people who are ready for ongoing development.
  • The PIN-UP Global values are formulated by our team and are the basis for the ecosystem’s processes and policies — they adjust internal interaction and dictate areas for improvement.
  • Our ecosystem is actively developing and expanding. Today we are represented in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Poland, Armenia, Cyprus, and Peru. We have plans to open an office in India.
  • In the context of the rapid development and formation of the PIN-UP Global structure, one of the main challenges is finding professionals. To scale a business, we require a strong team, so we have a clear understanding what kind of people we need.
  • We create our own platforms and invest in research and development. We work for the long term with our clients. The openness and transparency of our processes provide us with a competitive advantage and a leading position in the market.
  • Thanks to the recently established PIN-UP Foundation, we are actively helping Ukrainians affected by the war.
  • We have unique developments that will be of interest to many operators, such as anti-fraud tools. We are working on improving transaction risk assessment using machine learning.
  • PIN-UP Global plans to upgrade the platform, add new products, and expand the geography of partnerships in 2023.

The full version of the interview is available on SBC Media and Forbes Ukraine.

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