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The PIN-UP Foundation purchased two generators for Kharkiv boiler houses

The PIN-UP Foundation has purchased two diesel generators to provide an uninterrupted heat supply to Kharkiv residents.

The PIN-UP Foundation responded to a request from the local authorities of Kharkiv and purchased two diesel generators to serve as backup power sources for the city’s boiler houses. In particular, a 40 kW generator was installed to meet the needs of a modular gas boiler house that provides heat to two residential buildings, a dormitory, a college, and one agency. A 25 kW generator was installed to meet the needs of a boiler house that supplies heat to two residential buildings in Kharkiv.

Installing generators from the PIN-UP Foundation allowed the city to ensure uninterrupted heat supply to residential buildings even during blackouts.

“Almost continuous shelling by russia continues to destroy critical infrastructure in Ukrainian cities. Kharkiv suffered significant damage, forcing locals to stay in cold homes in winter. The PIN-UP Foundation responded to the city’s request and purchased two generators for Kharkiv. Let them warm not only the homes of Ukrainians, but also their hearts. And we will keep doing our best for Ukraine!” commented Marina Ilina, founder of the PIN-UP Foundation.

The initiative is organized by the Reforms Delivery Office and the PIN-UP Foundation.

The PIN-UP Foundation unites volunteers and professionals, non-governmental organizations, and the international community with values aimed at the development of Ukraine. The Foundation systematically helps those who need it most. The PIN-UP Foundation’s programs are designed to support socially vulnerable groups, promote education, sports, healthcare and help rebuild Ukraine.

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