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PIN-UP Ukraine has updated its website. New design — new victories

PIN-UP Ukraine, which is a representative of the legal gambling business in Ukraine, has updated its website. This is the first rebranding of the company’s platform since obtaining a license to operate by PIN-UP Ukraine in 2021.

PIN-UP Ukraine launches an updated website with a modern and easy-to-understand design.

Colors play an important role in the new identity. The site background has been changed from black to white. The main colors of the product, as before, are red and green, symbolizing modernity and confidence. Button elements of the website were changed in shape; now they do not have sharp corners, but have a rounded shape. To ensure that the new design does not dramatically affect brand recognition, the rest of the website elements remained unchanged.

“The development of the company involves changes. We at PIN-UP Ukraine set ourselves the task to refresh our product, but avoiding drastic changes that could affect brand awareness. So, we decided not to change the interface of the website and concentrated on colors. Since it is important for the company that our customers are comfortable using the product, the emphasis was placed on ease of interaction due to the white background color of the platform. I think we succeeded, and our customers will be satisfied. PIN-UP Ukraine will continue to improve and develop, because we believe that new design means new victories,” commented COO of PIN-UP Ukraine Ihor Zotko.

The design team of the company led by Dmytro Ovsiienko worked on updating the visual style of PIN-UP Ukraine.

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