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PIN-UP Global’s position on its activities in Russia

PIN-UP Global’s international ecosystem of businesses is about common goals and directions of independent business units. Segments of our ecosystem are represented worldwide and united by values such as partnership, innovation, development, and caring for our people.

One part of the ecosystem was a company in the russian federation with a betting license and an online product — Despite investment and stable growth, we closed the product and left the market, and the assets were transferred to a new owner – this was the principal position of all ecosystem members.

Since April 2022, the russian company LLC has had no relation to the ecosystem and the owners of the brand PIN-UP. Today, according to open sources, the new owner has renamed the legal entity and cannot use the PIN-UP trademark in its activities.

PIN-UP Global condemns the russian federation’s invasion of Ukraine and actively assists Ukraine economically. That’s why we established the PIN-UP Foundation. Its charitable programs are aimed at helping Ukrainians affected by russian aggression and rebuilding the country.

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