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A few insights about organizing an effective workflow in tech teams

Nataliia Hradobyk, Tech Project Manager at PIN-UP.TECH has shared with the editorial team of Focus Gaming a lot of valuable and practical information about the organization of an effective work process in tech teams.

Below are some main theses from Natalia’s column divided by topics:

  • Continuous training in domain and technology: It is important to understand all the specific terminology to communicate with the team in the same language. It is also equally important for helping the team build a well-developed backlog.
  • Effective facilitation: It is not necessary to be an expert in all the technical details, your goal is to coordinate communication between the Technical SMEs and the implementers. Record videos of important meetings, take structured and insightful meeting notes, and use Miro boards for facilitation.
  • Gathering technical requirements: Gather working groups for requirements brainstorming, record ideas on Miro, and validate them with the team. Identify a responsible Technical SME to formalize the requirements into a document.

Also, Nataliia shares a few tools and approaches to facilitate PM’s work:

  • Miro and visual facilitation: Create templates for meetings in Miro according to your agendas, which will help you not to miss essential and scheduled items and set the team up for productive dialogue.
  • Facilitate the conversion of discussions into Action Items: If the team discusses the need to perform a certain activity/task, immediately help them identify the person in charge, the deadline, and specific actions/results so that conversations don’t remain just that, conversations. Conduct regular action items review.

Finally, Nataliia gives an example of several sources (books and online courses) that help boost your expertise.

The entire column you can read on the Focus Gaming website.

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